Thursday, August 5, 2010

Scales can be deceiving

I have had two weigh-ins since my last post and while I'm still losing weight, I did not have a massive drop of four pounds in one week again.

In the last two weeks I lost one pound off of my total weight, that's deceiving though. The scale I am weighed on is not your typical scale that you'd buy in a department store, but rather is a massive device. The InBody is a scale that I step onto barefoot while holding metal arms attached to the machine. Electric pulses are sent through my body (no, I can't feel them) to determine how much of my weight is muscle, fat and water. It's an extremely cool device.

Keeping up with the diet and exercise (I still have to do the ridiculous routine of hopping from one exercise to the next) resulted in the loss of four pounds of fat and the gain of three pounds of muscle! That's not bad, however I was expecting bigger results since I was working extra hard the last two weeks. I'll take what I can get though!

I think a lesson I've learned from this, which everyone should learn, is not to put too much stock into that number staring back at me on a scale - there is a lot behind that number that's not explained.

The closer I come to my goal weight the harder it is to shed a pound or two, which can become frustrating. However, I have to remember this is normal and that this is a good thing because it means I am closer to where I only dreamed of being seven months ago.

Total weight loss since the beginning of January: 40 lbs. That's not half bad :) However, I'm officially done with this diet next Tuesday, and I'm going to have to make sure I don't gorge myself on all the things I've craved in the past 24 days or I'll gain half of the weight back in a week.

Wish me luck on my last four days through the "sprint phase"! I'm going to need it.

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